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 Jean-François Pignon - Dresseur de chevaux en liberté

In 2009 more then 25 years will have past after his first performance. This autodidact is born 12.18.1968 in Chalones sur Loire, in West France. At the age of six, he moved with his family to the DrÔme region. As the third boy of five siblings, he keeps the memory of a privileged childhood that was poor but full of love.

As a youg boy he was sold on sports only thinking about jogging and soccer until the day a newcomer changes his life fundamentally. André, Jean-François` father, bought a oneyearold fillie for a song which he named Gazelle. There is an extraordinary link between the boy and the mare at once. They play for hours and even go to school together. Jean-François took the work with horses up in a natural way. After escorting a lot of times rides of the family-owned enterprise, he built up a company with his brother where they acted the roles of circus riders and acrobats in riding shows. Togethter they take part in some riding scenes in different episodes of the film “Wihelm Tell”. In 1987 they spend a time in “Mer de Sable” (a famous leisure park in France ). When they returned to the french riding shows they had a newcomer coming along with them: Salsa, Gazelle`s daughter.

In 1991 Jean-François presents in Avignon (“Cheval Passion”) an extraordinary show with his horses without any tack for the first time. What a success! A jump in his career that provided the opportunity to perform his show in Verona and Paris and at a lot more important events. The two brothers split. It`s time for both of them to start a career on their own. They are glad to run into each other sometimes at different events in France or other countries.
Since 1993 Jean-François performs in foreign countries, especially Germany, where people love his performance by liberty horses. Jean-François is lucky to get the chance to perform at the biggest events. He takes part at the “Equitana” (the biggest fair concerning horses in Europe) five times. He performs in 15 different countries and visited in this context among others the following cities: Berlin, Vienna, Zurich, Barcelona, Sevilla, Oslo, London etc…Jean-François Pignon - Dresseur de chevaux en liberté
In 2003 his group consists of eight horses. He carved the shows out especially for them. Jean-François achieves the maximum of trust between horse an men.

Today he educates embaraced people all over the world and shows them his method of training horses, from Japan to Canada.
For a short time Jean-François presents his own creation, a musical act horseback “LE PARDON” (The forgiveness). Coacting with Caracole, Arnaud Gilette, und Pieric he designed a play that involves the message of peace.
In addition to the riders and the eight live musicians the audience is always involved in the play. Almost 100,000 people came to see the show. And it has more chances of success. They arrange for going on tour in Europe in 2007, 2008 and 2009.
Since that time Jean-François has two strings to one`s bow. He trained the horses in the film “Danse avec lui” (Dance with him) directed by Valérie Guignabodet and acted a part.



Le pardon - Jean-François Pignon

Jean-François Pignon - Dresseur de chevaux en liberté